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Essential Oil Extraction

Despite the fact that a number of methods can be used in the essential oil extraction, steam distillation seems to the one that dominates this category. However, you can still consider other methods of essential oil extraction such as: Maceration … Continue reading

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How Is Oil Edible Extracted

The rise in the prices of cooking oil is causing people to start asking their friends and colleagues many questions about how oil edible is extracted. Most of the edible oil that you use daily is extracted from safflowers, peanuts … Continue reading

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Solvent extraction

Solvent extraction, which is commonly applicable for liquids, is a method that enables people to process materials by separating a wide variety of components that are present in a material samples by using a solvent. Some components solve more easily … Continue reading

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Types of Cooking Oil

There are different types of cooking oil. However, when you are choosing these oils, you need to ensure that you only choose the healthier oils and particularly the liquid cooking oil. Cooking oils that are rich in monounsaturated fats are … Continue reading

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