Oil Refinery Plant Used in Biomass Oil Production

When comes to the problem of energy and environment crisis, all the countries in the world are facing with the problem on the same level. The movie has 2 opinions on biomass fuel: 1, the biomass fuel product might not be safe, it could cause other environmental problems. 2, the biomass fuel has great potential in improving the structure of fuels now.

The comedy movie Lost in Thailand was a box office success in China market during the Spring Festival, then the movie was shown abroad, but it didn’t end up even close as it did in China, critics explains that Chinese way of humorous is quite different and not always be accepted by the foreigner, mostly it is about the culture difference.

China has been enjoying the fast speed of developing and suffering from the way-labor intensive and large fuel consumption amount industries, the unusual weather conditions showed up frequently each year has brought up the discussion among the people, and Chinese government, the same as the other responsible government in other countries, is planning to accelerate the speed of industry transformation progress. In the meeting of NPC and CPPCC which was hold the last few days, one representative said that 10 billion tons of agriculture and forest wastes are created each year in China, and 60% of them were burned in the open air by the farmers, the biomass fuel raw materials are used to pollute the environment, which is not wise.

High quality biomass oil product mainly comes from 2 resources: the waste edible oil recycle and refinery and the bio-ethanol made from crops (mainly corn) and none food (fiber). Oil refinery plant can help improve the oil quality, the only problem now is to reduce the cost technically, we should keep trying until the technology is mature.

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