Production of Oil Refinery Products

An oil refinery is simply a large plant that is used in converting crude oil into more useful oil refinery products that are used for different purposes. An oil refinery plant is designed in a way that it has a piping that has been extended throughout it used for carrying crude oil to the unit of processing. It is with no doubt that an oil refinery plant is very important in the day to day living.
It is worthwhile for you to note that there are 3 types of oil refinery products. Firstly, we have the light distillates which are inclusive of gasoline, petroleum gas that has been liquefied. Secondly we have the middle distillates which are simply inclusive of diesel and kerosene. The thirdly, we have the heavy distillates as well as residuum such as wax, asphalt, fuel oil and even lubricating oils.
These are the three major products of oil refinery and they are very useful in the day to day life. Without these products, most of the activities would not be taking place. The products are used for various purposes such as lighting, heating and much more. It is therefore important to ensure that the end products after oil refinery are environmental friendly to prevent any pollution.

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