An Outlook on Olive Oil Processing

For many years in the world’s history, Olive Oil Processing has been one economical activity of many people in the world across. Many methods have been put into place for production of olive oil in the past years but the ‘Sinolea Method’ is the most commonly used. This method has extensively been used since it results into softer and fuller flavors with excellent characteristics. Unlike the labor extensive methods of olive oil processing that may take a lot of time, this method ensures that the olives are pressed at the peak of their freshness.

Olive Oil Processing is relatively simple and for this reason, it has been used in the Mediterranean region for many decades. However, that applies for household production of olive oil but commercial production can be somewhat complex. That notwithstanding, the basic principle in the process is crushing the olives for release of the oil inside. The entire process can be used for oil extraction in other grains such as grains and nuts.

After picking, there is no time to be wasted, the fruits are taken to an olive mill immediately, before acidity rises in the fruits. This will be undesirable because it would affect the quality and flavor of the fruits’ finished product.

olive oil processingThe next activity once the olives have been brought to the mill is to eliminate leaves, branches and any other impurities that can be handpicked. These are passed through a cleaner that rids of fine leaves, twigs and dirt to remain with pure olives. Olive Oil Processing mostly involves facilities with flush surfaces to ensure hygiene and safety of the finished product. Preferably, an olive oil processing plant should have stainless steel build for high quality and flavorful products.

Three processes are involved in the production of olive oil. One is the oil milling where the initial extraction of olive oil occurs and then the olive oil cake is formed. The second one is the oil refinery where the production and processing of non-consumable oil happens. Finally, there is the plant processing where the oil is fully processed from the oil cake. This is the final step.

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